Plank. Doing planks daily can help you get rid of FUPA. Take the push-up position and align your butts to your shoulders, to look like a stuff board. Support your body weight with the help of your forearms and toes. Keep your body straight in this position for about one minute and increase the duration by 15 seconds as every passing plank. Discover short videos related to how to hide a fupa in clothes on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Plus Size Fashion/ Model(@rubeiriplus), Me.Tee(@teesofab),. But hiding FUPA isn’t an easier task, especially you have to go through picking the right cloth. This is where shapewear plays its role. If you are interested to try the best Shapewear to hide FUPA you can check some best items that we have a review. 5 Tips on How To Hide FUPA In Jeans Properly High-waisted Is The Way To Go. High-waisted. 2022. It hides the belly bulge by giving you an extra layer of fabric to streamline your look. This lovely dress shows off your neckline, bust area, and waist. Some styles are tied at the side, and others have a wrap made into the dress. The wrapping around the waist makes the hips pop!.

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